On the way to Enlightenment we most learn how to deal with everyday matters in a compassionated way...

En el camino de la Iluminación debemos aprender como lidiar con los asuntos diarios de una forma compasiva

Friday, September 10, 2010

About Love

    It could sound quite trite to talk about Love but it doesn't matter how often we listen or talk about it, at the end we always understand too few or nothing about it; we end confused or wondering What happened? 
   We all, without exception, look for happiness, sometimes we believe we will find it in someone else arms. From someone unconnected to us. Sometimes we involve ourselves in emotional relationships that hurt us, that confuse us. But from this relationships we become stronger, from it we learn from ourselves and we become the person we are now. It is too easy to give up and believe love doesn't exists, it's easy to become that we don't like or did hurt us on first place. It is too easy to walk away from the path because it doesn't require a big effort. 
    I am not saying we will never be hurt, I'm not saying it won't scare you, neither it'll be easy. But it is what makes you stronger, it is what makes you a better person. Maybe now could be painful but you'll understand it some day.

    The interrogative with Love is, why it makes us feel so vulnerable? The answer is simple, because we are not prepare to love. I know it sounds like something my father would say, and he did say it when I was 15 and he thought I was too young to fall in love. We don't choose when and from whom fall in love with, it just happens. But the way we manage ourselves within it is something we can sort out. To be able to love someone entirely we must love ourselves first, or this feeling would pass through knocking us down on its way; we will feel bad, we will fall in desperation and we will suffer. 
     To be able to enjoy this beautiful feeling we should find ourselves, get into balance and love ourselves unconditionally. With ALL our details. We must know How worthy We Are and Accept it. We are not perfect but it is not an obstacle to find happiness, it doesn't mean we are not going to find someone whom our littles details please/entertain him/her or find it less annoying. 
       It doesn't mean we are going to jump to any person's arms just because apparently "likes" us. Do you know how risky is it? We cannot teach them how to love us, as we deserve, because we wouldn't know it. They won't respect us for what we are, or at least for what we are not because we didn't respect ourselves to stop throwing us to anyone. We cannot depend from others to be happy because then we will never be happy. Love starts from ourselves to outside. This doesn't justifies increasing our Ego either.

      We should love, respect ourselves and understand that we are not perfect but we neither are emotionally disabled to achieve happiness. 

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